By Jim

Introducing Ramiro Tavares: Paving the Financial Path at RDS Capacity Solutions

Meet Ramiro Tavares, a seasoned finance professional with an impressive thirty-year career in finance. Ramiro’s journey began right after college, and since then, he has continuously elevated himself, leaving an indelible mark on each organization he’s been a part of. Today, he stands as the Corporate Controller for RDS Capacity Solutions, steering the ship towards financial success.

A Visionary Outlook for RDS Capacity Solutions

Ramiro’s vision for RDS Capacity Solutions is deeply aligned with the company’s leadership style and direction. He brings a diverse background to the table, which proves invaluable in shaping strategies that work. His open communication style fosters an environment where questions are encouraged, honesty prevails, and models are refined. He envisions a growth trajectory where the focus isn’t just on revenue numbers, but on the Gross Profit (GP) line—a true indicator of success.

Navigating the Logistics Landscape

When asked about how he came to logistics, he says his exposure to staffing and transportation in his earlier roles made the transition to the logistics sector seamless. With RDS, he found a cohesive team that thrives on details and collaborates to achieve shared goals.

Leadership Anchored in Trust and Collaboration

Ramiro believes that mistakes are inevitable, but rather than assigning blame, he focuses on solutions. His open-mindedness and willingness to take responsibility foster a culture of accountability and growth. His team isn’t just a group of individuals; it’s a powerhouse of decision-makers who have the autonomy to protect and drive the company forward.

The Man Behind the Professional

Beyond the boardroom, Ramiro joined forces with friends to found Helping Hands Santa Ana, a charity committed to giving back to the community that helped shape them. In their own words, “At Helping Hands Santa Ana, our mission is to always give back to the city where we came from. We aim to assist those in need, to lend a helping hand, try to make a difference in their lives, and to help get them through their time of need. We always want to remember where we came from and do things in memory of those that helped us along the way in our own lives.”

He also enjoys working on classic cars: his wife’s ‘65 Mustang and his own ‘69 VW Ghia.

Ramiro’s Commitment to Excellence

Raimiro’s unwavering commitment to transparency, innovation, and people-centric values are part of what makes the culture at RDS Capacity Solutions great. We’re glad to have him on board. Please join us in welcoming him to the team.