RDS Capacity Solutions is pleased to present Chief Commercial Officer Jeremy Engstrom

Jeremy Engstrom is a founding member and stakeholder of RDS Capacity Solutions, and has now taken on the role of Chief Commercial Officer. Having previously worked for a large corporation, Jeremy was looking to develop a book of business and move away from the big corporate model. He wanted to build something with a smaller, more personal approach.

He was initially drawn to the trucking industry because he was attracted to the fast-paced, competitive nature of the business. As someone who competed at a high level in athletics and has a knack for relationship building, he saw an opportunity to match his level of service with the competition on the field and to bring his experience to bolster customer relationships.

In his role as Chief Commercial Officer, Jeremy’s main objective is to foster and nurture customer relationships, bridging the gap between manufacturing and trucking experts. He wants to teach customers what RDS does and help them see the difference in the market. Jeremy says that the trucking industry can be like the “Wild West”, and there is a shared responsibility to be prudent and honest while competing in a deregulated industry.

Overall, Jeremy was drawn to help found RDS Capacity Solutions because of a commitment to strong partnerships and shared values of relationship building and fostering customer connections. He saw an opportunity to restructure his book of business, scale up, and join other like-minded individuals in achieving great things together. He says that communication is the key to success in the brokerage industry, and accountability and reliability are essential to establishing long-term relationships with customers.

Jeremy’s leadership style is characterized by high expectations, but he doesn’t micromanage. He likes to “get into the grind, feel the pain with his team and help apply solutions.” He leads by example and invites positivity, sharing his thought processes behind his decisions and actions. His competitive nature, along with his passion for relationships, drives his commitment to delivering exceptional customer service.

In addition to his impressive professional experience, Jeremy is known for his authenticity, honesty, and integrity. He puts relationships and the company first, and is committed to continuously improving himself and the team around him.

In his own words, “

If you do the right things, the right things usually happen. They don’t always, but it’s the choices you make about that. We’re just a bunch of good people who have to keep doing the right things. The culture we have, and the culture we’re developing is the proof in the pudding.”

His personal touch isn’t only for customers, but for employees, too. He knows the names of everyone in the brokerage office and it’s important to him to know that he gets to help them provide for their families while providing for his own. The two most important things for Jeremy are family and the company that’s growing under his steady, guiding hand. 

Jeremy is a cornerstone of our future growth and we’re excited about what we’re going to accomplish together.