Steering Through Freight Market Downturns

Freight market downturns makes it difficult for businesses to find the capacity they need despite falling rates. Several factors, including weaker demand for goods, rising fuel costs, and easing supply chain disruptions, are hitting the industry. As a result, many shippers find that fuel surcharges or delays quickly absorb any rate savings

While some experts believe that the market will quickly rebound in 2024 as demand for goods picks up and supply chain disruptions continue to ease, others believe the downturn could last longer as the global economy faces some headwinds, including inflation, rising interest rates, and the war in Ukraine. Whichever analyst has it right, carriers and shippers must be prepared for a challenging market in the coming months.

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While the market settles and returns to a balanced state, you can trust RDS Capacity Solutions to help you navigate the fluctuations of rates and capacity. If you’re ready to step away from the confusion and begin a proactive plan for logistics success, contact your RDS representative.